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Ventilation ducts

The Easy Joint range

Easy Joint ventilation ducts are designed and manufactured for maximum performance in the ventilation of tunnels and galleries. We offer a wide range of solutions for any type of construction site and any jointing element required for airflow distribution within the project. All our products are manufactured from high quality materials and feature functional design. In addition, the cutting of special components, carried out according to CAD drawings and plotter cuts, minimises turbulence and pressure loss in the distribution.

One of the features of our ventilation ducts is the wide range of diameters and connection systems available. 

The PVC coated polyester fabric used is of the highest quality with excellent strength and durability:

G&G 600 g/m²
G&G 650 g/m²
G&G 850 g/m²

G&G 650AA g/m²
G&G 850AA g/m²

Production is constantly monitored at all stages to ensure a reliable, high quality end product. 

The production capacity of our plants allows us to produce up to 500 metres of duct per hour, with diameters ranging from 300 to 3,200 mm in standard lengths of 20/25/50/100/150 m, guaranteeing fast delivery times and flexibility in changing production parameters.

Choosing Easy Joint means choosing quality and reliability for your ventilation projects.